Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 11: K is for Key...TurKey!

Thanksgiving Week!
The holidays are here and this means I'm extremely distracted with shiny things and food! School?! Who needs school for 2 months, right?! Just kidding! (Maybe not though) Haha! I just really love this time of year! We spend alot more time together because we stop all sports and evening activities for the months of November and December and boy does it make a difference! We turn our focus to having others over for dinner and serving the community! I LOVE doing this as a family, I hope it continues through the years as the kids get older! 
Yup! That turkey right there, I made that!! This was my first year to host a "Traditional" Thanksgiving at my house! I have hosted Thanksgiving almost every year for my side of the family, but I grew up eating Tamales and Mexican food for Thanksgiving. So that was what continued for many years after I got married. My family is not huge fans of turkey so it wasn't a big deal if we missed out on it. Over the years it just didn't feel like Thanksgiving to me to not have the turkey, so we made the decision to go for it. Do the WHOLE dinner, sides and all! Boy did I under estimate how long I would be in the kitchen!! WHO DOES THIS!! Although my back and feet hurt from the constant bending, finding, lifting and walking back and forth (I'm getting so old!) I had the BEST time cooking. The kids played nicely all day and Buddy was by my side the whole time! My absolute favorite! He and I have not been in the kitchen together since our dating days, it's just more practical for someone to be with the children making sure they don't kill each other! haha. I sure do miss it, and hope we can make this a regular thing again! (Not Thanksgiving Dinner) but cooking together! 
It was a very blessed evening, I was glad I was able to share it with My in laws and my parents!
The 2 most important women in our lives! The Grandmas! I can't say how grateful I am for all these two women have done! One raised me and the other raised the love of my life! Both have amazing testimonies of following after God with all their hearts! Buddy and I wouldn't be who we are without the amazing influence of these strong, beautiful, smart, loving women!
 Eisley and some of my favorite men! So happy and grateful that the 2 most important men in our lives can be with us. They have both fought threw a lot and it makes me not take their presence here for granted. I'm so overjoyed to have this family in my life. God is so good and his favor on our lives is so apparent in everything, I get so overwhelmed just thinking about it!

This year we also decided to do our own advent calendar! Every year we try to follow along with different pre-made plans like "Truth in the Tinsel" or "The Christmas Angel" which have been awesome! But the last 2 weeks always seem to dwindle and we stop doing it. This could be my motivation more than anything, but we decided this year, why not take ideas from all the advent activities we've done in the past and choose our favorites?! And so the Robinson Advent Calendar was born! I love it! These were some of the things the kids have loved doing and still talk about regularly. I'm so excited for them to see this tonight! 
(Do you want one of your own? Message me!)

Last week was a short school week. We decided to take Wed-Fri off so we only did school for 2 days and Eisley just got the week off. She didn't mind as long as we did some sort of craft and sang songs. Haha, that's probably the only part of school she actually likes. 
So I don't have any pictures to share. (Oops)
But I do have some of my favorite photos from our Christmas shoot we had in our backyard! Enjoy!

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