Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 10: J is for Jirafa

This week was really unplanned. I dropped the ball. It was my dad's birthday so we spent 1 day with him celebrating and Dad (Buddy) was also home for 3 out of the 5 days so that also threw us off. All in all, we had a good week and some things were learned! haha. 

J is for Japan, Jelly Beans, Jam and Joseph
One thing the kids would say was the highlight of this week was watching videos about a little girl's life in Japan! 

First off she's adorable!! Second off these are totally amazing to watch, I had no idea things were so different in Japan. It was so fascinating and entertaining to watch. Cody's favorite video was watching her talk about the candy they have in Japan and that she gets to read about one of his favorite shows for homework!
On our video list we also had "How Jelly Beans are made" and we learned about bio-luminescence in the form of glowing jellyfish. 
We also had a good amount of library books about Japan and their traditions and customs.
For Bible we talked and read about Joseph.
 This was huge for Eisley! She was attempting to read!! All thanks to Dad who has a different style of teaching and totally thought to try this with her!! I didn't think she was ready and haven't even tried (my bad) but, I just didn't want to push her based on when Cody started reading. Now when I say read, I really mean memorizing the book and pointing at the words. This is a stepping stone and I love that she was even interested!
 Jelly Bean Puzzle
 Finding letter J! Again, I totally gave up on making her find the letters and just let her go to town with the paint dot thing, but daddy some how made it happen! I wish he was here with us everyday!! Gosh that would be a dream!
 Making jet planes
 Matching jelly bean shapes
 Some kind of a "shape shifting ninja star" is what Cody described
 Dad had to jump in because although it was on the list of easy things for was not easy!
 You can find this list HERE. The one thing the kids did love was the bunny that could also be pikachu! It was super fun to make and really simple!
Rhyming words bingo! This was pretty funny to do with Eisley, she was really confused as to why the word we had to look for was different than the word/picture on the card. But near the end she started to understand, still didn't like it, but understood. 

Having dad home doing school with us was such a fun gift. He was even able to come to co-op with us and help in each of the kids classes! The kids were so excited to share this with him! I can't wait for him to have a full week home in December! 

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