Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Break is HERE!

We started our break this week a little. Since we are coming to the middle of the school year, Cody is finishing off some of his subjects like Science, English and Reading! WOO!!! I find it hilarious that he took it upon himself to continue working more pages than required per day so that he could be finished! I love that he's motivated enough to do that, because once he's done with those, we move onto Geography, Spanish and more Art! The curriculum for these subjects is created by me! Although I love our curriculum that we get from Christian Liberty Academy. It's a lot of book work and the way I teach is totally hands on. I'm a visual learner so I love being able to explore in that way. 
Speaking of Curriculum! I also write Sunday School Curriculum and if you are a Sunday school teacher or even Nursery through Elementary teacher these might be helpful to browse through! I will be linking those in a different post called "Confessions of Children's Ministry" Where I will not only be sharing curriculum, but tips for working in children's ministry as well! I mean, if I'm there every Sunday I should have some tips right?! YES, the answer is YES! I'll admit I don't have all the answers, but over the years of working in children's ministry, I've definitely picked up some useful information!!

So as you may remember, I created an amazing little advent calendar and was so jazzed about how we're gonna totally stay on top of it this year...well, sad to say, we've already fallen off the wagon! I completely lost track of things because of our break from school and starting my new job! But we plan to do our best to make up for it and do as many as we can from here! 
You guys this is what we've done so sad!
What's even worse, is that we have this on the fridge and if we miss something Cody immediately points it out! Which I reply, we'll do it tomorrow...we can all see that's not happening! But hopefully we can do a few that we missed over the weekend! We'll see.
Here are some pics of Gingerbread House Decorating though!
 This house was much more successful than any other in the past! Although we did have the roof slide off once but I think we didn't allow the proper time for it to set so that's our bad on faulty craftsmanship!
So glad we got to do this activity with our friends Tallou and Zebb. With our busy schedules, we don't get to see each other very much, but it's always a treat to have them over. 
 Cody wasn't as amused with this so Eisley took over and I love her imagination! We cut bear faces out of fondant and she wanted them everywhere! She said it was a bear house!
 We got out some pom poms and googly eyes as well, things got a little crazy! I mean it's not edible anyways, so why not go to town! I love the eye balls in the snow! #thehousehaseyes
I also love the bear buried in the snow! The amount of frosting used was insane! Although at one point I suggested we cover it in frosting like it was in a snow storm, but that idea was thrown out by Buddy who is a Gingerbread Specialist of sorts or so he thought, since he just hummed and haahhed at us as we put things that didn't belong on a traditional gingerbread house everywhere! haha.
THIS GIRL!!! I don't know how, but this girl has my sense of humor to a tee! I literally laugh at my own jokes and think I'm hilarious and she is exactly the same way! It's my favorite thing ever! I love hearing her say crazy things or snap back witty comments then chuckle to herself! I'm so caught off guard by it that I'll literally do a spit take! I love her to pieces! She brings so much joy to our lives with her sassy and brilliant sense of humor, along with her loving side. She can just melt your heart! So looking forward to watching her grow up because she is set on being 16! She tells us that constantly "Mom, I want to be 16!". I can't wait honestly. She's gonna be a riot!

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