Monday, December 28, 2015

Back into Action

Christmas Break has come and gone. Our decision to take a week off early and start school this week was a really bad choice. Our friends are still on vacay and we are back to the daily grind. Didn't think this one through I guess. Oh well. If we really wanted to, we could totally take another week off, but I figure since we don't have plans for New Years, why not get back to the regularly scheduled program! I actually miss our routine. I'm also over all the screen time!
Christmas Day
Christmas Day was really nice. We invited my in laws, my parents, my brother and his fiance over. I made a full breakfast with fresh waffles, country potatoes, bacon and eggs! Nom Nom! We ate then unwrapped presents. I really wish we had added some singing. I'm a sucker for singing of any kind. I love how it brings joy and happiness! And since we ended up canceling the caroling event I planned for our friends, I was really craving some carols. But oh well. Next year, it's happening!
Oh the joys of being a parent on Christmas Day! Our original plan was 1 gift per child, I'm not big on the whole giving gifts thing. I would much rather make memories than just buy toys and stuff they'll be bored of in a few months, but my husband LOVES gifting! So of course he broke the 1 gift rule...not just broke, destroyed! I didn't mind, but it was pretty hilarious to watch these kids open presents. As usual, my first born had the best reactions ever!
I mean come on! Look at that face!! Pure delight! I LOVE IT!! He literally did this every time, no matter how big or small the gift! He wears his gratitude on his face so amazingly!
Watching him unwrap presents is really awesome, so I can't say I didn't love that he had more than 1. These kids are so blessed to have so much family that loves them!
Now, we come to my second born. This was a whole different story! This year has been such an exciting time for her. She totally understands what this season holds (Christmas, Santa, Baby Jesus and Snow!) and she has been singing non-stop for weeks now. I love her Christmas spirit! So of course I was so excited to see her open her gifts and capture it for years to come....
This was it...this was all she gave me. EVERYTIME! At one point I was starting to question if any of these things were even something she wanted! The best part came when my brother followed through on his tradition to wrap something completely random for the kids as a joke. This was Eisley's first time to experience this and well.....this was her reaction...
"Is this a joke...Which one of you did this?!"
I was laughing way too hard to explain it was a joke! But oh man, it looks like we won't be giving her anymore gag gifts! Geez!
Even after all was said and done and they started to play with all their new toys for the day...this was still her face..
Just not impressed with anything! I'll blame it on the sleep deprivation and sugar overload.
 She does love her new Lego set though, I actually love it more!!
And I still have this kid who is stoked and so excited about all his new fun stuff! I love how different they are and it really does bring me so much joy to see them grow and develop these unique personalities! They keep life interesting!

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