Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 6: F is for Family.

Fall is such a family time season. We find ourselves cuddling on the couch alot more and doing more indoor activities. I always enjoy the extra time we get to spend altogether. Even if that means I'm covered in snot because that together-ness has resulted in germ sharing of colds the kids have been sharing back and forth! Either way, I'll take it! 
F is for Fish

Found these great cardboard lacing boards at Dollar Tree! Love when I go in there for 1 thing and end up finding other little surprises! She's not in love with this lacing but that's only because it's a challenge, so I'm hoping the practice will help her enjoy it a little more. 

 I created a tracing sheet with the kids names on it, Eisley's in print and Cody's in cursive, I think they both did rather well and it will be nice to have this hand writing practice available anytime we need something extra.
Computer time, we don't do alot of it and honestly, it was only because our computer was not in the playroom. I didn't want the kids on it if I couldn't see them. So when I moved my desk out to our playroom, it worked out a lot better for them to use it. Eisley is still learning to use the mouse so there isn't a whole lot of options for her, but she did love listening to music and watching videos! This helped so much when I needed to spend some extra time with Cody on a subject!
 Here is the video she is watching! https://youtu.be/R1Qn2bcZRTo
 Another new thing we added to our days was our Lego challenges! I have a sheet of different challenges for them to build. We had made each of them a Lego table during the summer and they weren't getting any use in their rooms, so we brought them our to our playroom and what do you know...they play on them everyday! Their challenge was a boat! Eisley talked about Finding Nemo and the boat that took Nemo and Cody talked about the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean! haha, I love how different they are! Not to mention it was a huge saving grace to have the Legos in the room because any time Eisley would get tired of her activities, she just plays with the Legos!
 Puffer Fishes with Forks! The kids loved this but Cody was completely lost when I handed him a fork...I did a bad job with him as a child hahah when he was Eisley's age I didn't really encourage a lot of "creative" thinking. So he likes to paint with paint brushes. Oh well, it's never too late to learn new things. He still enjoyed it, it was just harder for him to actually use it because he felt that there was a "right" way. I had to show him that you could use it how ever you saw fit. haha, sad i know!
Cone games! I found these perfect little cones at the Dollar Tree and have used them for many different games. The favorite so far is the animal walking. I will tell them to walk like a certain animal and name which color of cone to walk to. For example: "Hop like a frog to the yellow cone!" They love it!
"Why do fish swim in schools?" We talked about that and we did a little object lesson, dropping one bead in the water and watching it float down, then trying to watch one bead float down with lots of beads falling at the same time. Cody pointed out that it was easy to pick a color and follow it down because the beads weren't all the same color. Which I replied, Good point, usually schools of fish contain only 1 type of fish...I didn't have only 1 color of beads. haha.
 We had a late start to school one morning because Cody's tummy was feeling icky so we played games for awhile till he felt better. Longest game of Sofia UNO ever! We also played one of Cody's favorite game "Take Off" you have to get your little jets from one side of the world to the other. Really great for improving your geography skills!
Take Off! Game
 She loves stickers of all kinds and we try to use them as much as possible. These awesome pages can be found HERE!
 Color mixing is always better in a plastic bag! RIGHT?! hahah! Although I don't think our colors did a great job of mixing we did use the bag of paint to write letters. I would write the letter and she would find the letter puzzle piece that matched what I wrote. 
Learning about Tide Pools! We got this awesome idea HERE! I loved how this doubled as a sensory bin because they played for hours. My son loved making it high tide and low tide over and over again. My daughter loved mushing the sand and playing with the boats!
 A little sea animal matching!
 This week we started our first "Home Ec" Class. Is was a success in some ways and a total bust in others. My first mistake was letting him watch Pioneer Woman and choosing a recipe. My thought was that he would be able to see it being done and it would help him understand the process better. The mistake was letting him chose a recipe that was not for beginners! Whoops. The success was I LET HIM USE A KNIFE WITHOUT FREAKING OUT! haha. I did leave the kitchen after these photos and left my husband in charge which was mistake #2! hahah I should have taken after photos, the kitchen was a disaster! But it was fun and memories were made! 
Oh the joys of pumpkin carving...not my cup of tea and apparently neither of the kids enjoy it either! Why are we doing this then?!! haha. I love Eisley's pose, "I'm done with that!" is what she said after she touched the inside of the pumpkin once! haha! Seriously, why do we do this then?!
 The castle was my handing work, which I completely gave up on the design and just started stabbing at it! haha. My son on the other hand some how managed to pull off this awesome Clover from Sofia!
My favorite moment of the week: My parents coming to visit. My parents live very close and visit weekly if not more. But lately my dad has been working tons of over time and we haven't seen them as much as we're used to so this was such a gift. The kids love their Papa and Tita! I'm also so grateful for the relationship I have with my parents and that my kids get to have one too!

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