Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 7: G is for Gloomy

Gotta love the pacific northwest and how it keeps it's trees so green! Rain and lots of it. We had a ton all week. I don't mind it, I love how it makes everything smell! The kids on the other hand, they get pretty bummed when everything outside and at the park is all drenched. Cody is ok playing soccer in the rain, but tell him to grab monkey bars that are wet and he's done! haha.
G is for Gorilla, Garden, Green, Gum & God
This girl is getting so good at listening to words and finding the sound of her "Letter of the Week". I usually only focus on 1 word so as not to overwhelm her, but she will say words I didn't even think of! I said "G is for...." expecting to hear gorilla (Which she says so adorably!) But instead heard Ghost, Garden, Gum and God! Completely unprompted. 
Magnets, Magnets and More Magnets. Turns out magnets were a huge hit this week! I didn't think they would last more than 10 minutes like most every other activity does, but boy was I wrong!
Cody brought home a tube of oil and steel wool from co-op, where they were learning about magnets. This is what gave me the idea to give them some magnets to play with. We bought a magnet set awhile back Magnet Set by toysmith
These aren't extremely strong but work for picking up small objects. I happened to have a heavy duty magnet that worked really nicely for picking up bigger items and moving objects around!
 They loved picking up the pipe cleaner pieces. I was so glad Eisley was able to do it as well! They both pulled the pieces right out of the container! The possibilities are endless, you can have them build sculptures, use string to fish for paper clips or pipe cleaners, explore the house to find the things that are metal. Trust me, I didn't think my kids would be playing for as long as they did. It was over 2 hours and the conversations and free play ideas were endless!! Needless to say, we're going to find more magnets and do a unit on them!
 The idea for these was to match the color of the airplanes to the sticks, but she decided to make shapes out of the sticks instead. 
 When Eisley is done being gently guided, she's done and there is no winning her back...unless you have play-dough! Play-dough doesn't come out often here in the playroom (because this is the only room with carpet) but, I made an exception and it paid off, not to mention we found out that the recipe I use DOESN'T get stuck to the carpet!! Praise the Lord!! She had a grand time sticking the Halloween erasers into the play-dough! 
 Preposition Cards! They can be found HERE. She loves that every week I bring a stuffed animal out for her to play this game with! I want to make more cards to go along with this, because I can not get enough of how much she cracks up when she moves her little friend around the room! I'll say "Put the gorilla behind me!" or "Put the gorilla under the table!" I don't know why but she giggles every time she puts him in the correct spot! I love it!
 Gumball match from our "Letter of the Week" curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler!
 This happened over the weekend. Ooooohhh..Aaaahhhh! haha. We bought work-boxes for Eisley because she was not liking her tot school trays anymore. She liked Cody's work-boxes and wanted to be just like big bro, of course. So I opted for the shorter version with more drawers so that we could add supplies to the top boxes since crayons, pencils and glue were always getting misplaced. So here is our current set up and I'm so in love with it!! They can work side by side if they'd like but Eisley still has her table and chairs so I usually suggest that. haha. I'll make a post later down the road about how I plan for and use our work-boxes. For now, that was the week! 

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