Friday, September 11, 2015

It's starting up again...

Well it only took 3 years for me to get myself together to sit and blog again! Hahah! 
Life with one child has been drastically changed by adding the other. Now I know there are tons of moms laughing to themselves thinking "Wait till you get to 3 or 4 or even 5" But hey, it's different for everyone and this was a huge adjustment for our family because we had to start all over again. The 5 year age gap wasn't quite the breeze we were thinking it would be, but here we are. 

Mister Cody is 8 and is now a 3rd grader!

Miss Eisley is 3 and will be starting her first year of Pre-K!

I'll tell you what though, there has not been a dull moment at all in these last few years. This girl is the firework we didn't know we needed to light up our world! I fall in love with this girl more and more everyday! She is truly a blessing to all of our lives!

I'm so excited to begin a new journey in homeschooling both children simultaneously, the last 3 years we've really just fit school around a toddlers schedule, but now this girl is not napping and wants to take on the world so let's do it!

So it begins. One main reason I came back to blogging was purely selfish, I want to remember everything and being intentional is really the only way that I can make that happen. Looking back through old posts makes me so happy that I documented those moments in time, so even if no one ever reads my posts...that's ok, I love them!

Next week we begin school and co-op and carry our full schedule of soccer (4 days a week, to be exact) along with the countless other things that find their way onto our calendar. So let's watch together as the insanity of the Robinson household unfolds!! Sound good??
Oh yeah, I'll randomly talk to you as if you can talk just smile and nod!

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