Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 1: A is for Absolutely Awesome!

 I'm always so amazed at the fact that Cody is so excited to start another year of homeschool! We've had some ups and downs with it and yet it's still something he looks forward to every year! If that's not motivation for me to get my stuff together, I don't know what is!
You can get the signs HERE 

This week has been really eye opening in so many ways. I planned my butt off to get ready for this new adventure of schooling a preschooler and a third grader and I'm so glad I did. All the little things we've added to our schedule to help things move along have made such a difference in this year compared to years in the past.
Morning Routine: Check
School Work Boxes: Check
Chore Chart: Check
All in all, week 1 was exhausting and amazing all at the same time!
 A few things that I wasn't expecting, was spending a large portion of our day in our "Playroom". This room is set up for our circle time and with Eisley's work boxes, but I originally thought we would spend time here and in our dinning room like most of last year was spent. So I didn't really plan for both kiddos to be sitting at Eisley's little table! haha! Plans for getting a bigger table are in the works. 
Also seriously, sensory bins are going to be the death of me! I want to be the super fun mom that isn't bothered by the child swimming in the sensory bin, but I can't stand it. So if you have tips for how to keep everything with in a certain parameter, that would be greatly appreciated!! 
Eisley is currently using the "Letter of the week" Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler! You can get that HERE! I bought this for Cody when he was 3 and am so glad we get to reuse it because it's amazing!! I love that these activities keep her busy for 15-20 minute sections and cover alot of skills! I opted for the download for $15!! You can't beat that. You also have to buy a laminator and laminating sheets and invest sometime into laminating and cutting...but like I said....totally worth it, especially if you have multiple kiddos!!

Eisley got such a kick out of this activity! I got the whole alphabet from HERE! I found some apple stickers at Joanns and boom! (They are scented too!) 
We read "Ten Apples up on Top" Alot this week it was fun to count while she put beads on the pipe cleaner!
The shape activity is also apart of the "Letter of the Week" Curriculum and I found the dice HERE! We used it as a game and the kids loved it. Cody made up some of his own rules and played a few different ways!
The Apple Seed counting activity is found HERE! This one was a little harder for her because we were adding and subtracting and she's not quite ready for that. But I tried to have her use our dot dice to just replicate what she sees on the dice to make it simpler.
 They also enjoyed their first day of Co-Op this week which was so fun! Loved being able to hangout with other homeschool families and fellowship! Although their were things that didn't happen (Mostly Cody's hands on activities, because he was busy doing all the projects Eisley was doing!) We still had fun and learned! 
So the end of the week looks like fridge full of projects and my heart full of joy knowing I get to do this all again next week! 
One of my favorite pictures of this week! Last Saturday's game! 
I love seeing my husband challenge himself and serve others in the process. Coaching has not been easy for him but there is no doubt that his heart has been in it 100%! 

So yay! We survived week 1! Comment and let me know what you think? What would you like to hear more about? What have you been working on? Do you homeschool?
See you next week!

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