Monday, March 19, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal Week 21

Symptoms: Nothing really different, just more uncomfortable back aches.
Weight Gain: On my scale, I am still coming in at the same weight as last week, so I'm guessing I haven't gained any this week...I hope. I can totally tell my boobs have gotten bigger though! haha
Cravings: So we are a making dinner at home, no eating out type of household. So fast food is just way out of the question, the thought of it makes me want to vomit. BUT, for some reason, pregnancy makes me go blind when it comes to my healthy eating habits!! So I started craving Taco Bell nachos and couldn't fight it any longer. I gave in, and wow,  thank goodness I got that out of my system, I never want to look at those nachos for as long as I live!! YUCK!! Looks like there is only 1 place that will get me every time, it's a little local burger place called Mikie's. Those burgers are heaven!! hahaha but I hope to not eat those either for the rest of my pregnancy!!
Food Aversions: Taco Bell Nachos!! hhaaha
What made me cry this week: Interupted sleep, My son woke us up multiple times this week, due to him fighting a cold and well, because my husband can sleep right through things, I got upset, then super sad.
Medical Stuff: Nothing much there, just waiting on my 26 week check up now. But here are pics from last week's ultrasound!!
 Her tiny profile shot
 Her little feet
A face shot

Thoughts from Cody (Pregnancy through a 5 yr olds eyes): I think Cody is growing more fond of his little sister everyday. This week was filled with tons more of his questions and thoughts. One situation was very interesting and comical to me, but very serious to him, we have been looking for houses to move into soon and so as we were coming to look at a house we met the owner and she asked us all our names. Once she got to Cody, and he answered, he had a very angry look on his face. I asked him, why he had "angry eyebrows" and he said "She didn't ask Eisley's name!" I smiled and said "She can't see Eisley hunny." He said, still very angry "So, she's there in your belly, so she should have asked!" hahah, I was very touched that he want to make sure his little sister was not left out and she's not even here yet. Love it!
Something I'm excited about: Making cloth diapers!! We started a whole new sewing journey and are attempting to make our own fitted cloth diapers! I've made 1 so far and love it. Not only is it cheaper, but I also love sewing, especially for my kids. So this is fun times for me!!

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