Monday, March 12, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal (19-20 weeks)

Happenings of the Harper Household
I had every intention on taking a picture of myself sometime in the last 2 weeks..but it didn't happen. I'm sorry, I failed. But, I will do one this week!! Promise!!
Symptoms: I've been feeling great these last 2 weeks! I mean aside from my feet hurting when I walk too much and my back hurting when I've been standing for too long, but that's pretty normal considering this baby is getting bigger :)
Weight Gain: I want to say maybe 1 pound, but it's been jumping from 3 extra pounds in the evenings, then going back down in the mornings. Really crazy.
Cravings: Top Ramen with Tabasco!!! Soooo weird, but I never wanted to look at Top Ramen again after my husband and I practically lived off of it back in our newlywed days. They say that you're craving sometimes come from a nutrients need or a comfort memory, I totally think it's a comfort memory because there is nothing nutritional about Top Ramen. hahah.
Food Aversions: Subway haha, just the mention makes me gag.
What made me cry this week: I've had a really good 2 weeks, but I did get all choked up when I was writing my little status on Facebook about my son turning 5. Here it is: "5 yrs ago at 9:01 pm March 4th we were blessed with a child. A child who would forever change our lives. His charm, smarts, over active imagination and love has warmed our hearts and those he meets. Cody Kade Robinson We love you so much and feel forever blessed that you are our son. Happy Birthday Big Boy :)"
I wrote that and immediately started balling, I was just so happy and proud of my son and grateful!
Medical Stuff: Well I had my 20 week ultrasound and you know what that means!!!
Thoughts from Cody: (Pregnancy through the eyes of a 5 yr old Boy) Well Cody is full of all kinds of fun things to say, I mean constiently! These last 2 weeks there was alot of talk about the ultrasound and trying to make him comfortable with either way it would turn out and lucky for us he really did feel fine about either one, boy or girl. But the talks after the ultrasound went a little different. haha. He was a little dissapointed :( But he is coming to terms with it) He's excited that he won't have to share his toys and that mommy will have "Someone on your team!" But a funny little thought came out when he came into my doctors appt. with me for the first time and heard the baby's heart beat with us. He said "Does that mean she's still alive?" Daddy was quick to answer, "Yes." But then he fired back with "What happens if it stops?!" Oh geez, the midwife just looked at us...but daddy again, very quick to the draw said "It won't, see yours is still beating and so is mine" hahah good job daddy!! So yeah. He's a big thinker and talker!
Something I am excited about: SHOPPING!! I know I was excited about that last week too, but now I can pick out GIRL stuff!! A first for me so I'm over the moon excited. I am loving the fact that there is soooo much variety out there. I'm not a pale pink or shades of pink fan, so I was a little afraid, but thank goodness there are soo many options!!

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