Monday, March 12, 2012

5 yr old IN THE HOUSE!!!!

Yes, it's true, we now have a 5 yr old in our house!!
I can not for one second understand how time flew by that fast, but it did. 5 YEARS AGO he was my sweet, tiny, first little baby boy. Everything about parenting was new. I was really playing it by ear. But boy was he my life changer. Everything I thought I wanted for my life, changed because of him. I wanted nothing more in the world than to be the best mother for him I could possibly be. I can't express how happy this child makes me, that I would move heaven and earth for him.
He's been nothing but a blessing to our lives and has made me a better person. I am so grateful God trusted us to raise this little man. He's got such a bright future and I know he has a huge calling. This kid is gonna move mountains and change lives. I'm so proud to be his mother!!!

Cody Kade Robinson

Here are some pics from his Mario Birthday!!

 All the printouts you see, like the cupcake picks, Milk Carton Favors, Bowzer Lava Labels, Yoshi's Candied Apple Labels, Questions Marks on the yellow boxes and the Birthday Banner are all available for you to use!! I will upload them to my google docs soon :)
We also played Mario Bingo I created, which the kids LOVED!!
He had a great time and got tons of stuff he was wanting so YAY! A blessed day for a blessed boy!


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