Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Free Day

This all started when I was put on bedrest. I was on bedrest or couchrest as I was calling it, for a week and a half. After the first day I about lost my mind! I am not used to sitting still or not doing things with every minutes of my day. So this was really uncomfortable for me. We only have a desktop in the house so the computer wasn't an option. I was without a doubt bored out of my mind, although having my mom and dad there waiting on me, making me breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertaining my son. I still felt bored...unable to enjoy just relaxing. So I happen to ask my brother if he would mind me borrowing his laptop, and turns out he doesn't even use it anymore! I was thrilled. Now I could surf the internet for hours. This is something I never do, so at first it wasn't as fun as I thought, but then, I started to use the internet for what I usually use it for and that's information.
My husband and I had decided when we got pregnant that we would use cloth diapers this time around. With our first child we entertained the thought but, I really didn't have enough information to feel comfortable enough to take it on. Well, that's why I used my hours of not being busy to find as much information on the subject as I could. I read blogs, watched videos and went to local stores to see them first hand. I feel so confident in cloth diapering now, I can't wait for the baby to get here!! We ordered our first few diapers just a few days ago and I got some in the mail yesterday!!!
I'll put pictures up, once I get the rest that are on their way :)

So, on my mission to learn more about cloth diapering, as I was blog hopping. I can across tons of cloth diapering blogs that were doing giveaways!! Yes, free cloth diapers!!! HELLO!! Of course I want that! So I figured the more contests I do, the better my chances, right! Well, no luck just yet, but I've enter atleast 5 to 7 contests a day for the last 4 weeks, so I've got to be winning soon. Atleast I hope, because it really doesn't take but a few minutes per contest so why not! I'm hoping to win some pretty awesome stuff that I wouldn't otherwise even purchase! Like those crazy expensive carriers, or those really nice diapering accessories! Well, I will definately keep you posted on any wins, as well as the contests I've been entering, in case you might be interested in doing so yourself. We will call this "Friday Free Day"!

So there they are, enter to win!

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