Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Friday!!

As you may remember from last week, Every Friday I will be sharing all the contests I've been entering throughout the week, so if you are interested in all things cloth diapering, than these would be right up your alley!!

There is alot of information floating around out there about cloth diapers and other natural living baby stuff and I must share some videos that really helped me make some sense of it all!

Kayla (obbsandlala) is not only super fun to listen to, she is full of all kinds of information! I love that she is very honest about all of her "reviews" on things. Her video on accessories sure did same me alot of headache of looking each little thing up individually, I sat through the whole video start to finish!!

I also got so much information from (Theschweeps) She did an awesome experiment on Cloth Diaper Inserts, I felt it was very informative and helped me decide which inserts I would like to try for myself! It's a 2 part video and she also does a video on natural fiber inserts!

There is also another video that I found really insightful, from (Dirtydiaperlaundry). I was amazed at the results of their experiment on stay dry diapers, weather the baby is really staying dry or not. Check it out!

Last but not least, informative and hilarious, (Mamanatural) Pick any of her videos from her uploads, especially her show episode. Love watching her and love all the info she shares in such a fun way! Definately worth watching!!

Hope these help some of you out there that are newbies like me to the cloth diapering world!

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