Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello again,
My absence has been caused by another little hiccup in the road. I was put on couch-rest (bed-rest) since Sunday morning and since I only have a desktop's not very convenient to put a desktop on my lap. hahah. Either way, I was put on couch rest, and I say couch rest because I was told a list of things I couldn't do which is pretty close to being on bed rest minus the having to be in bed. So for me, it was couch rest. It has been extremely difficult to not carry on and do all the things I would normally do, which my husband has figured out, is a whole heap of stuff!! My hubby has been amazing through this though and so have my parents. Today will be my first day running solo, so we'll see how it goes, I can already tell you, napping is in my near future! haha.
It's been nice and annoying to have to be waited on. I'm a very independent person so when I can't do things for myself I start to feel a little crazy. But I pray blessings over my parents, they have come over everyday since Tuesday to make me breakfast, lunch and dinner and take care of all the household chores. I'm surprised how well I took it, considering alot of the things were done in a way I wouldn't normally do them, but I thought nothing of it and was grateful :) I have amazing and supportive people in my life and this baby is in for one big surprise when he/she/they come out!!
Yup, THEY, I said it! We know there is a good chance we could have twins, we knew that the first time around. So we'll just have to wait and see. Although how the pregnancy is going something about this one makes me think it's twins. Trust me, it's not something I want to think about, but there are some signs that make wonder.
Either way, Wednesday afternoon, I will have my first appointment with my midwife and we'll be able to listen to the heartbeat :) or beats. haha. After that point I may be taken off the couch rest. I will keep you updated!

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