Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You've been RACK'ed!!

What is Rack'ed? Well RACK stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. And this year we have decided, along with alot of others, to count down to Christmas with 24 different ways to pay it forward! After all isn't that the best present to give to Jesus for his birthday?!!

Well my family is so over the moon about this idea, I can't wait to start! My son is only 4 so he might not understand everything we do on the list, but I hope that this is planting those seeds for later. I loved alot of the ideas seen here on "The First Grade Parade" I've used some of her ideas, along with some of my own. Here's our list!

Day 1 Deliver hot chocolate to the salvation army bell ringers
Day 2 Buy and donate toys for local toy drive
Day 3 Leave little Christmas treats in the carts for the next shopper
Day 4 Tape coins and candycanes to vending/soda machines
Day 5 Donate blankets to a blanket drive
Day 6 Deliver treats to the local post office & postal workers
Day 7 Hand a (grocery store) gift card to someone stand in line (at the grocery store)
Day 8 Visit the hospital and deliver gifts to the patients
Day 9 Deliver cookies & cards to local fire/police station
Day 10 Deliver Christmas treats to neighbors
Day 11 Visit the public library and pay for someones overdue fines
Day 12 Adopt a family in need
Day 13 Leave a gift for the mailman in the mailbox
Day 14 Make and deliver "Blessing Bags" to the homeless
Day 15 Donate clothes & toys to a local homeless shelter
Day 16 Donate coats to a local coat drive
Day 17 Buy coffee for someone in back of you in the drive thru
Day 18 Donate to an animal shelter
Day 19 Deliver flowers, treats, & cards to local assisted living center
Day 20 Make a donation to a food bank
Day 21 Donate coloring books & crayons to a hospital emergency room
Day 22 Make cookies and deliver to the local librarians
Day 23 Hide dollars at the dollar store in the kids section
Day 24 Deliver treats to people working late on Christmas Eve

I really love the idea of waking up each morning, praying and asking God to lead us to the people in need of blessing. I hope that with these little acts of kindness we can brighten someones day! I plan on using Mrs. Carroll's "Rack'ed" card that she has available on her site, to leave with the anonymous gifts, then for our at home cards I made my own little Advent Day Cards, with the day and activity on them, so you can hang them up, and pull them out each day! HERE I'm so excited to start this, along with another advent activity we are trying this year!

The Truth in the Tinsel, it's a book that you can download for only $4.99 and it has super cute ornament crafts for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, each craft has a scripture that goes along with it for some family devotional time. I think this is a great idea and perfect for preschoolers and up! Don't forget to add the Facebook page after you download the book so you can link up with other families that are doing it as well!!

Well I hope you and your family enjoy these activites, just needed to share because of how excited I am!!!!

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