Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving week was pretty fun! I can't help but love this time of year, it's so festive and happy. It's getting cold again and hot cocoa and toe socks become a daily requirement! School was definitely affected by the holidays, we were trying to shoot for schooling all 4 out of 5 days, but that didn't happen. At least we got 3 out of 5! Here's what we did...
 We've been practicing our opposites with these cool "Slide and Learn" Dora Cards.
 Did lots of "P for Pumpkin" From "Confessions of a Homeschooler"
 Went over our Pretzel "P" vowel combinations. You can find all the vowel combinations here.
 "P is for Pumpkin"
 Using our "Sound out the Vowel" Puzzles
 This was a super fun activity and challenging which is nice, opposed to something he will finish in 5 seconds. We got it from "Herding Kats in Kindergarten".
 After sort the words into the right ending sounds, he wrote them down in their proper category.
 These were very fun puzzles, 1-10 was easy but 11-12 took a little longer to figure out. Thanks to "2 Teaching Mommies" for this and next picture's activity!

 I've seen these sentence building sheets on a number of site and thought I would create one myself, so far so good. Here is the turkey one we used here. I plan to create more for each lesson we do! Cody loved this a lot. I personally love how the paper look like a rainbow! haha
 Oldie but a goodie! Our Hot and Cold sorting activity, which is getting much too easy now, need to find a way to make it much harder! I found this a long time ago on "File Folder Fun"

 Cody's shape Indian. His cutting skills are getting better, he was really happy about how this picture turned out, he wasn't sure how the shapes were going to turn into an Indian, I helped him figure out where the pieces went and WALLAH, an Indian! (2 Teaching Mommies)
 This was a perfect writing activity for Cody, he loved how he was having the challenge of first finding the number that came next and the word for the number, then writing it. We are starting to have lots of writing activities so this was a score! Thanks "Can Do Kinders" for this printable!
 These little word building mats fit right into the pumpkin theme! Thanks to "Kindergarten Hoppenings" for creating this cute and fun activity! Cody had no trouble figuring out what each picture was.
 Doing his color tiles, we need to bring these out more often, he still looks at our color chart to figure out how to spell them.
 Decorated an awesome Indian vest. This kid has alot of patience when it comes to his arts and crafts!
Here he is wearing his vest, doesn't it look great! He was pretty proud of himself. Oh and we couldn't forget his feathered headband to complete the outfit!
These cute turkeys were a great idea found via "Learning with Mrs. Parker", it's always nice to hear what your kids are thankful for especially when YOU are one of their answers!

In up coming news December is right around the corner and of course around this time of year when everyone is making a big fuss about all the new things you can buy for Christmas, we always try to focus on giving back. We push it a little harder since we know it's hard for Cody to understand. But he's been involved in many different activities his whole life and this year, he's looking forward to helping! So I thought of making a sort of "Activity Advent Calendar", making activities to do everyday till Christmas, that is going out of your way to do good for someone else...and what do you know....LOTS of others had this same idea!! I loved "The First Grade Parade's" ideas for it, and I think that's what we're going with this year. I really plan to make this a holiday tradition and hope to continue it throughout the year!

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