Sunday, March 6, 2011

He's 4!!!

Cody Kade Robinson
Born March 4th 2007 At 9:01 PM
I will always remember the way it felt to see you for the first time. I was overwhelmed with joy and didn't know how to express how happy I was to see you! My baby boy. I waited 9 long months and you really made us wait! At one point I thought you would never come out, but you did. You were so peaceful and happy. I couldn't ask for a better baby!

Now you are 4 years old and I can't believe this to be true.

My tiny baby boy can now talk his way out of any argument and is smarter than me some days! I could have never looked this far into the future to see who that tiny baby would become. But, here we are 4 years later and you are still the most amazing thing in our lives, everyday you are growing and changing. You're a Godsend and I love you more than you will ever understand.
Happy 4th Birthday Love :)

Party Time
He had a Yeti and Sasquatch themed birthday, we love picking random themes to run with. haha
Yeti/Sasquatch gift bags :)
What everyone got to take home! Yeti or Sasquatch homemade plush, Yeti Crystal Candy, Chocolate Forest Rocks, Bigfoot Blocks (Wooden blocks we made from fallen branches) and Favor box with Customized M&M's with Cody's face on them!!
Our cupcakes and homemade cupcake picks, I also made the Yeti and Sasquatch that sit at the top! Cute aren't they!
A little forest, snow decor!
Friends and Fun!
Yes, decapitated Yeti...sad :(
Games, Presents, Pizza, Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Prizes, Friends and Family all made for an awesome 4th Birthday and one happy little 4 year old!!


Sarah said...

Aw, happy birthday to him! He was a gorgeous baby (and is a very handsome boy too!).

Great job on the decorations!

Alexandra Rose said...

So adorable. My daughter is almost 2 and I can't believe how quick the time has flown. I still wake sometimes and go "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm a mum!" The party looks so fun, and amazing job on the cupcakes!! they are awesome! I bet he had the best day.
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