Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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So today has not been a very typical Tuesday, Codster is still having the sniffles, and  the husband woke up extra early for work, which works out for his overtime, it's less time that it takes away from our family time since we're still sleeping early in the morning. But, I'm really over this whole cold thing, I managed to go workout last night, we felt great, but I still have sinus pressure and some cough, UGH! This strain of virus has really been sticking around :( It's also put a damper on school. I don't really want Codes to do school when he barely breathe :(
Either way, I've had alot of work to get done for church so it's making me get that done faster. I'm ahead 3 or 4 weeks. I just need to get some sketching done today.
Also I've been doing a James Book Club which has been really inspiring. I do a wrap up on the week of reading on Friday. I following The Good Morning Girls I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get deeper into the word and/or just wants to feel uplifted. God's word is definately the place to go. Even though it's a women's group, I actually read James with my husband and it's been a really nice and peaceful bonding time for us. Not to mention his experience with bible study really comes in handy!
So that's what Tuesday is looking like for us.
Cody Quotes: "I don't like this (Kiwi), because it's spicy."
"Why do those moms and dads let those babies poop in their pants?'
"Daddy, Maybe means yes!"

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