Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome Wednesday

This is my first blog hop. I'm still not quite sure how it all works but, here goes nothing! haha.

Just some off topic stuff I've been busy with...let's see NOT SCHOOL. Cody kinda has been on a summer break. I thought I could stretch it out through the summer, but turns out summer is way too distracting. Being inside is just not happening long enough for any school. haha.
My nephew was born in the beginning of June and I had the privilege of taking his pictures for the birth announcement :) Here are just a few.
He's adorable and I love him :) Can't wait to take more pics of him!
In other busy news, we're currently making a cd/dvd set to give out of our songs and show segments we've been doing at church. It's a super cute theme of explorer friends, cruzin through creation. My husband wrote all the songs and he and I sing them. Then my best friend and my husband play the characters in our pre recorded 5 minute video lesson's for our 2 year olds at church :) I'm soo excited with where it's taking off to! It's just the beginning!

Other than that. I'm trying to not die in the heat as I continue to bake and cook. Wish me luck!


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furygirl3132 said...

Hello! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, so glad to have found your blog and those pictures are adorable. Have a wonderful evening!


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Kelly Polizzi said...

Oh, you are good! congratulations on your new nephew. Just love the pics you took.

Laurabudcody said...

Thank you Kelly :)