Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Menu Plan (Week 2)

Let's see, So this is how I do MPM, I do it, every other week, because I usually cook all my meals on Monday then freeze for the next 2 weeks. This so far has just been the lunch my husband takes to work and some of my son's lunches here at home. Then I make dinner for 1 or 2 nights fresh, then left overs are lunch. Do you see the pattern? haha I also freeze my husbands breakfast, which is different muffins, then he also eats a yogurt and some fruit with that. I usually make my son's breakfast every morning. Which varies but, I don't always list it. So if that makes sense, that's how we roll here. haha.

Last week, I made almost everything I set out to. The things I didn't make I am going to try this week.

Strawberry/Apple Banana/Pineapple Carrot Muffins (
French Toast

Teryaki Chicken and Rice (
Grape, Chicken and Wild Rice Salad (
Turkey Sloppy Joes (
Pizza Pinwheels (
Chicken Noodle Soup (
Turkey Tacos
Pasta and Shrimp (

So the Teryaki Chicken and Rice was a total hit. Both my son and husband loved it soo much they want it again this week. Grape, Chicken and Wild Rice Salad, didn't get around to making so I will this week. Turkey Sloppy Joes, I didn't get to make last week so I'm making it this week. Pizza Pinwheels look tasty, but we're going to go a more traditional pizza way with them. Chicken Noodle Soup was sooooo easy and delicious, we're making it again this week, but we put it over mashed potatoes when we eat it. I know, weird, but that's how my husband likes it! haha. Turkey Tacos will be using my mom's recipe for meat. She has those in her head, so I will try to see if I can measure things out. I may try to make my own spagettii sauce, but I don't know if I'll get to it, but I will try!
Pasta and Shimp sounds good, so we'll give it a try :)

I use alot of recipes from I love her style of cooking and I haven't found any recipe that was too hard. Plus she cooks organically and that's what we're shooting for in this house :)

Wish me luck!


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