Monday, May 10, 2010

Review A-E

We had alot of review last week and I only took a few pics.
Pretty much just letter "A" (Monday) and "B" (Tuesday)
We did Apple printing..I didn't see any detailed apple stamps. Maybe he was using too much paint? haha oh well.
Apple match and count filefolder game. A letter A word search Capital and lowercase A match Capital and lowercase B match Made a birdfeeder....kind of.
Reviewing A-E in his Wipe off workbook.

Blew bubbles for bubble painting
So as the week went on we did "C" on Wednesday, "D" on Thursday and "E" on Friday. We pretty much did alot of overall review things. I also got ahead on some things for the next 2 weeks. So I will have tons more next week to share. Also I will link up the things in this post next week.

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