Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"F" Week

This week was rough. I am still getting this whole schedule thing down. Once I think I have one down it blows up in my face. It's hard to figure out what works and what will make things easier. Especially since it's only Cody, which makes it easy to drop everything and go on an mini adventure. haha. I think I'm getting closer to getting this down to a science though. I have a schedule that looks appealing and I think we'll try it next week and do our best to stick to it. I like the idea of having a plan weather you stick to it or not, you still have it!

So we were on "F" so I decided to incorporate Noah's Ark and we did with Flood!

This was his craft that also doubled as a game :) It was really easy to make. I cut a paper plate in half (sturdy one) then stapled it. Design side facing each other. Then I cut a little off the bottom side of the half pint carton and glued it inside. Then Cody got to paint :) The game portion of this was matching all the animals so they can walk in the ark 2 by 2! You can download the animals
here and here.
I love how he made his own dialogue as he put the animals into the ark. He really enjoyed this game and as he was putting them in I read the story of Noah and his ark from one of the books we had here at home. He listened intently the whole time.
Color Wheel Project
This one was super fun! I didn't think he would be ready for something like this that takes patience. But he really loved it and did great at it. We even did it a few times because he had so much fun! I downloaded the page from
Mama Jenn.
Fly Sequencing
This turned out to be quite fun. He enjoyed swatting the flys alot more though. He's been very into bugs lately so this was definitely up his alley. You can download everything you need for this activity here and here and here. But, the only thing I would change is the fly swatter. It wasn't strong enough, so I would just buy one.
Word Block Numbers
I was really pleased with how simple yet fun this activity was! I got it from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She is beyond amazing with all the great ideas she comes up with! The number counting sheet also came from her site
There was also a few other activities we didn't get around to taking pictures of.

Now on to the super fun Friday stuff!!
Is he eating a burger for Fun Friday?!! NO! He's eating FAKE FAST FOOD!!!haha.
This amazing idea and surprisingly simple idea was from I couldn't believe how well she thought it all out!! Down to the printable little boats and fry holders!! Cody LOVED this soo much. I enjoyed it too!! Although I didn't eat but 2 bites (Not much of a sweet tooth) watching everyone else enjoy them was enough for me! Thanks to my friend Tallou who is a baking expert, everything came out perfect!!
Cupcakes + Sugar Cookies + Brownies = Burger and Fries!!

Some links from Last week I missed.
Baseball Letter Match

Apple File Folder Game

So that was our week in "F" hope you liked it. Trying to catch up on "G" but I think we are coming a little short considering I have had some other things going on at church. But, we'll get there :)

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