Saturday, May 1, 2010

Letter E

What a week. This week I made up for not having any craft projects last week. We had tons! But, I think I loved having sooo many! I also made a couple of my own printable games! It wasn't as hard as I thought! Check it out!

Letter Recognition
We did some letter match up with his broken Egg letters that we printed from
It's definitely an activity that only last a few minutes, but each time we play it lasts a little longer. He's also starting to recognize more letters so that's encouraging for him.

We found this super cute peanut letter match up from really likes it, but would get upset when the little peanut wouldn't stay right where he put it. He got over it eventually! hah.I thought it would be fun to learn his uncle Eliseo, Papa Eli and Tita Eva's names since they all start with E! So I printed their names and we talked about the different things he did with Each of them and he drew pictures of that! Based on the pictures (I think) he was able to hand his pictures to each of them without my help! Craft TimeThis week I made up for not having crafts last week. So I crafted it up! I found tons to do and I loved it soo much that I plan on having as many as I can! Cody loves craft time! We did this letter E! I cut the E out of a cereal box, then cut apart an Egg carton so all the little Egg cups were separated. I put the glue spots down and he stuck them on, then he painted it all!
We read Elmer in the snow and I love that patchwork Elephant so much, I had to find a craft to do with this book. I cut the top off an empty milk jug and turned it upside down! Drew the Eyes and Ears with sharpie and had cut pieces of tissue paper ready for him to glue on! It turned out really cute! We glueed big googly Eyes on him after he was all done.
The next craft was painting on Envelopes. I also cut up strips of construction paper for him to form an E on the envelopes. This was a huge success!! Everyone that has received their Envelopes LOVE THEM!
I love using a tray for crafts! Especially messy ones! It keeps the mess contained and the trays are so Easy to clean!
Coloring the letter to go inside the Envelopes! I printed out a message and I helped him read Each one. He actually memorized it and read one to his Papa and Tita!The last craft was an "Experiment" I just gave him tons of craft supplies and told him to Experiment with it.
How did he like it? Well he said "Mommy, I love to Experiment!" hah so, I'm gonna say it was a hit!
Motor SkillsI had him separate some beads into an Egg carton. He did really good, but that only lasted 10 minutes.
So little story about these! I had been looking for the wood version of these for a few weeks now. I couldn't find them anywhere and so I asked my local toy/teaching supply store and they said they ordered something like that and to come in next week to check. Well I was hoping it wasn't the cardboard versions I found online, that came 30 in a box for like $15. But no, to my surprise these are plastic!! Even more durable than wood and cardboard!! And they come with 216 Locktagons for $15!!! He loves them and they're great for teaching patterns!
I also picked up some of these Melissa and Doug lacing animals. He really likes them. I like how sturdy they are. I'm thinking of asking my husband to made a few. He likes to be handy, so he'll be Excited about it. hahShape RecognitionI found this Easter egg shape match game on
I had some leftover Easter Eggs and so this was really Easy to put together. MathPatterns. I made these patterns on my own! I love them and he liked the pictures, Especially the ones with the Elephants wearing hats and masks. You can download them here:
We also did an addition game that I didn't get the chance to take a picture of, but it's an Eagle's nest and you put Eggs in it. The Eagle is holding an Egg so we did +1 addition. Anything in the nest +1. I don't think it was too advanced, we just need to keep at it. You can download the game here:

Color recognition and Motor SkillsThis is the other game I put together. It's a color recognition game and reading and motor skill game, all in one. We used colored paper clips to match the colors on the circles. Then we learned what the colors looked like in word form. It took him a lot of concentration to get those paper clips on the circles, but he did it. He only did one per color though. hah. You can download this game here:
Fun DayI love that my husband came up with an awesome solution to us not eating out as often anymore and a way to incoperate Cody's letters! Last week was D and so we decided to go out to eat only once a week. The place we chose, Dairy Queen! hah. One of his treats there was a Dilly bar! I though it was such a cute idea, we're going to try that again. I'm a little stumped on E for a restaurant though. But we'll figure it out. Other things for treats if you're stumped. Eclaires, Elephant Ears and Egg Rolls. Also today, we're going to try to get some Exploring in, if weather permits!

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