Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Relief yet?

No sign of it in sight. hah. Well at home yes. I realize how thankful I am for a son who understands mommy is very stressed out and instead of acting out because he doesn't have my attention, will do as much as his little almost 3 year old self can do to help. He tries extra hard to be on his best behavior, despite his fever and headache he had, when it could have easily been an excuse for him to be a total brat. Instead he is above that and knows he's capable of fighting through it and being a great boy!! I appreciate him sooo much. As a parent sometimes you can take your kids for granted and I know I do that every once and awhile. But, I really do feel so grateful, not only simply for him, but for how he has grown into the amazing boy he is now. I know he's not perfect all the time, or well behaved all the time, but when it matters he listens and it's times like those that I feel soo happy that he is mine and we share that connection and understanding.

He's actions or reactions to a hectic, stressful, packed day yesterday were beyond his years and for that he got treated to dinner where he wanted and we did a little clothes shopping spree for him. He gets to open all of his new stuff (That he watched us buy) on his birthday. haha. I love the new shoes we bought him!! And the hoodies!! haha not gonna lie, I was also in need of a little retail therapy myself after yesterday! hahah. It really did help. And don't even get me started on my husband! First off staying home, not even hesitating as soon as Cody came down with a fever. Super sweet! Then when Cody was looking better, offering to come help me with any of the set up at church! Amazing!! THEN, to suggest we go shopping because we've all had a rough day!! ICING ON THE CAKE!!! I mean really. I struck gold with this one. Pfft, gold..no PLATINUM!! He's amazing beyond words and he's mine. All mine!! I don't think I could love him more. My heart feels like exploding, because of how much I just want to love him forever!! Plus, the fact that he thinks I'm the best person in the world doesn't hurt. Just to know that he thinks I'm the funniest, cutest, coolest person ever to him, makes me feel like I'm flying. He loves me so much and it shows in everything he does. Although in blog is the only form I can really express all that. Telling him just gets him all puffed up. hahah. Then he starts to get a big head. hahaha. So I pretend like I don't need help opening the door. But, really I do, I just love that even though I can say I don't need it, he'll always lend a helping hand anyway. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) hahah I do alot of things like that. Which is why I don't take offense when people say girls are complicated. OH I KNOW I AM. haha. But, I look at it like it's all in fun. And everything should be in fun. hahah. Right?! Either way, I couldn't list the things he does that make me soo happy! But, let's see if I can name a few...

Opening doors for me, holding my hand always, hugs from behind, brushing my hair out of my face, staring at me while I eat, spending time with Cody, spooning, praying with me, going to church with me, being involved in church with me, sharing my values, being able to talk it out, talking about everything, making sure to give me lots of kisses with a freshly shaved face, helping me be crafty, providing me with tools to be creative, allowing me to stay home with our son, taking care of our finances, being responsible, taking me out to eat, getting me my favorite snacks, putting my plates up for me, running to the store for me even if he's all cozy, walking around the house in only boxer briefs..always, letting me steal the blankets, letting me sleep practically in the middle of the bed even if it means he's on the edge, dealing with me with a smile on his face when I wake up grumpy (Which is alot), rubbing my feet, taking my socks off, pretending he doesn't see my flaws, when he tries to be cute and really comes out really goofy, when he makes me laugh, liking the same kind of comedies, having the exact same sense of humor, having inside jokes, making fun of people together, watching ufc, when he sits through my wedding/baby/home decor shows, when he calls me on every break from work, how he comes straight home everyday from work because he wants to, working over time to get Cody and I extra things, saying warsh, having a really fake laugh sometimes, letting me scratch him alot, liking the same things I like to a T, being my most amazing best friend in the world, no contest! :) I love him because he makes me sooo happy!

Ok Ok, you are probably bored out of your mind reading all this. Sorry. I just really need to take advantage of the fact these feels are so vivid right now. Because, Lord knows they aren't always. haha. So perhaps I can read over this post of amazing things and ways he makes me feel awesome. When I'm having a day where I might be feeling upset with him for something little.

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