Sunday, February 28, 2010

Days like this are good for the soul.

Today started at 6am. I tried to ignore the alarm and kept pushing Buddy out of bed. I was pretty set on not trying to go to first service. I was going to make Buddy figure out some way of coming to get me after first to go to second. But, it didn't work. Buddy was like "You can do it". I'm not a morning person at all, so my answer back was "I hate you" hahah. He just giggled. I'm glad he doesn't take offense to any of it. But, in my defense Cody woke up 5 times in the middle of the night and I was very sleep deprived! Buddy was too though. Moving along. We all got ready and headed out to church. Good thing too, I was needed in first service. I got to do baby dedication photos today too. I did them Saturday night too, but only had about 6. Today I think there was like 12. I love making babies giggle with funny noises and faces! haha.

In between services I noticed Cody was getting a little uncomfortable. Which I later found out was due to the fact that he started to run a fever during second service :( He fell asleep probably 20 minutes before it was over. Poor guy. I would have loved to go straight home so he can rest, but we had put off some other stuff earlier in the week that just had to get done today. So we rushed home, dropped off Buddy's musical equipment and grabbed a bite to eat. Then headed to a few stores to find supplies I needed for decorating the rooms in church for my lessons this coming weekend. But Cody was a trooper as was daddy. We got it all done and managed to squeeze in a little 2 hour visit with Papa and Tita. Then it was home. Finally! But as Buddy and Cody got to unwind I had to get to work on finishing up my owl project. I just finished up sewing an hour ago, got a shower and will finally go to bed. My sweet, sweet, sweet temperpedic bed. That is calling me and asking me to feel it's comfort! hah.

On my very well time managed mission of sewing tonight, I should have been done with everything tonight....but, turns out I can definitely time manage but, I can't do simple multiplication :( I was sewing my final pieces when I realized I only cut enough for half. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! I don't have the fabric here to cut the rest out either so I have to make a special trip tomorrow after I go into church. GRRRR. Oh well. Still yay me for finding this out early and not waiting til the last minute to finish everything. I also found out that my amazing husband has decided to take a vacation day and stay home with me to help me if Cody happens to wake up not feeling too well :) Yay. I'm praying for him that he wakes up all better though :) I know he will. But yeah. Long Day....even longer week to follow. But it's in days like this that I'm so grateful that God makes the hours in a day and fills me with the strength to last these hours like it's a piece of cake! What an amazing day :)

Like I sleep!

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