Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hair Cut!

Haha let's make it a two-fer today! Just wanted to post some pics of Cody's hair cut :)

It turned out great!! This was his 2nd one ever. His last one was right after he turned 2. We had it done at the same place "Fun Kuts" which I will continue going back to!! They do such an amazing job every time. Last time I was nervous about how it would come out since Cody wouldn't hold still, but the lady who cut it, totally knew what she was doing!! It turned out great! Today was a different story, Cody was super good and didn't move at all. He actually enjoyed in alot!! He talked to "DeDe" the hair stylist the whole time. hehe.

Then of course we had her style it with a fau-hawk. By "we" I mean Buddy! I think they're cheesy, but oh well. Cody can pull it off I suppose. Hhaha

He was a little scared of the clippers, but for the most part. Loved it.

My happy little rocker. hahah

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