Saturday, February 27, 2010

Make it a habit!

I really need to make time to write on here. I never seem to stay dedicated to journaling, which if your a mom, you can understand. It's hard to find the time! But, I need to find it. Because so much happens in a day, a week, a month that goes undocumented. Little things that I will soon forget and I really don't want to. Mostly because I had these images of what I would be doing to remember every detail and well that didn't pan out. I thought I would be scrapbooking my little heart out. Haha, and turns out that takes EVEN more time then typing and taking photos!! So I'm going to resort to blogging. It's just what is the simplest. So I hope to make it on here at least once everyday. I hope I can stick to it :)

So, in the latest news, Cody's birthday is next weekend and I've been prepping like a mad woman. I'm very proud of myself for getting so much done already. I was telling Buddy that this may be the first year that we can actually relax and enjoy Cody's birthday!! hah. The other big event happening on the SAME weekend, my curriculum kick off at church. The nursery director and I have put together an adorable new curriculum for the 2's and under and we're treating it like a huge event. Buddy wrote a song for it and will be playing live for the kiddos :) Not to mention I made/sewed 50 little owl puppets for everyone to use during the story time. We also start on decorating the room this Monday. So yeah. It's a really huge weekend!!! HUGE!! But, I'm sooo excited for it and sooo amazed with what God is doing.
It's been a hard last few weeks, I was having some health issues, but new that I didn't have the time to let it bring me down. Although it was very scary for these things to reoccur (from a year ago) I knew it was definitely trying to break me so that I would give up. But, no. God is with and for me, so who can be against me. I pushed through and haven't felt it again since. The other thing I learned these last few weeks is that the perspective of my problems were alot of the time the wrong size. I was focusing on the problem so much that it blinded me of the good things still happening around me and the fact that everything WOULD be alright because God would pull me through it. Speaking faith is what I'm growing in. And showing it on my face despite what I feel is also something I'm learning to do. All in all I'm so grateful for an amazing family to be able to talk to and have support from to hear the things I need to hear and having a church family that does the same. I really can't begin to understand why i've been soo blessed with the amazing people in my life, but I thank God for it everyday and all I can do is continue to put him first to help me be the best person I can be for them as well :)
In Cody news. He's the funniest little boy ever. He's growing into a little man, more and more. Right now, he and daddy have been playing alot of video games (Learning ones) Since I felt Cody needed some help with his letters and doing them with me and reading wasn't working. So sure enough he's already catching on really well. He knows his colors, his shapes, some numbers and now some letters. We're getting there. I'm going to start home preschool in September so we'll focus on that more then, for now just trying to give him any kind of help to make it fun for him :) Not that preschool won't be fun. But, I won't be using video games! haha. Oh he learned how to use chopsticks today!! I had found these really cute chopsticks in an Asian market awhile ago and they have a penguin on the top connecting them, along with little holes for the fingers, I was surprised how fast he took to it. Since I just bought them for funsies! haha but yeah.

We will be getting the last things from the store that we need for his b-day today, like the raffle tickets and stuff :) We're also taking him to a bouncy place on his actual birthday Thursday, then Saturday is Chuck E Cheese, then Sunday the big party. I know, I know. He's spoiled. But, birthdays are a big deal to me. It's his ONE day a year that's all about him so it should be huge. Plus he's the only one right now and I want to do this for as long as I still can! I will definitely have pics up next week!

Well I think this was a decent amount of updating...really I have tons more to talk about but, should stop since I kinda never stay on topic and so reading this may just be hard if anyone is bothering to... haha. OH OH one more thing just to throw in there..

So we went to the park like 2 weeks ago and I was sooo baffled by the fact that Cody could just do everything!!! I used to have to run behind him everywhere and just make sure he wasn't going to fall or try to climb something he wouldn't be able to get down from or fall from. To my surprise, he's almost to the stage in his life when I just sit back and watch him play. I could have almost cried. I felt like "So then what do I do?" I could understand that he just didn't need my help anymore and we heard "I can do it by myself" almost a million times. Not to mention he's not afraid of heights in the least, so that just made me even more afraid! At least he's not jumping off of monkey bars.....yet.

My little boy is growing up so fast. Not even 3 yet but, it feels like he's 10 already :(
Looking at him scale this wall. Amazing. I'm very proud of him. OK OK, I'm done.

We've got to go get Cody's 2nd hair cut of his life, and I will be documenting that later! haha

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