Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm going to be and have been a busy bee these last and next few weeks. I've got a packed schedule. Here's what it looks like.
Use all time possible to hangout with my amazing son, try to squeeze in as much time with the hubby. But for the most part work, work, work.

Tue. 6-9 Volunteer
Wed. Off :)
Thur. 9:45-11 Church, 6-9 Volunteer
Fri. Off :)
Sat. 9am-12? Volunteer Then 6-7:30 Church
Sun. 5-8 Volunteer
Mon. 6-9 Volunteer
Tue. 6-9 Volunteer
Wed. Off :)
Thur. 6-10? Volunteer
Fri. 6:30-10? Volunteer
Sat. 12pm-10pm Volunteer
Sun. 5-9? Volunteer
Mon. Off :)
Tue. Off :)
Wed. Off :)
Thur. 6:30-10 Volunteer
Fri. 6:30-10 Volunteer
Sat. 12pm-10pm Volunteer
Sun. 5-10? Volunteer

So that's what it looks like. I'm really excited. It took tons of planning to get this organized and I'm hoping the kids are gonna have a blasty blast. I know I will. Craft time will be having a blast time. I hope to take pics of the crafts for each night :)

I came home last night after 9 and Cody had already been put to bed by Daddy, but a few minutes later I hear this bumping sound...I dismiss it and think it's the neighbors or something. But, then I hear it a little louder so I try to find it...it's coming from Cody's room! I open the door and Cody is like "Good Morning!" Which is what he says anytime he wakes up! haha I was like "Were you awake the whole time or did I wake you up when I came in?"he didn't quite look like he understood, so I asked "Were you knocking for a long time, or did you knock only a few times?" He said "Only a few times, you woke me up!" haha since he is still not used to me not being here to put him to bed, I let him hangout with us for a little longer before putting him to bed again.

These are the times that are my favorite, although it's hard to leave him and daddy, it's so much fun to come back to then. Especially when Cody likes to tell me every single thing that happened while I was gone. Which is what he did when I let him stay up with us, he even wanted to show me where he sat for time out when he got in trouble...(I already know, because it's the only spot in the house that he sits) but I humored him and he showed me and said "I sat right here, like this." hahah then more details and more story.

I think it's nice that he gets that time with just Daddy and I think it's nice that Daddy gets to experience what I get to everyday. He's blessed me with that opportunity and I'm so glad he's been able to share it, because I know it's hard for him to work everyday and leave us everyday, then hardly have one on one time with either of us. I love seeing how this has opened new opportunities for both of us. I think I may have to continue at least one night-time volunteering job so Daddy can continue to have this special time with Cody.

Well, I must wrap up. I hear Cody rustling around in bed, that means wake up time is soon. I hope to make it to the Children's Museum, but we'll see.

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