Friday, March 5, 2010

Cody's a 3 year old!

Yesterday was Cody's official birthday, and of course I had to plan something not only on the day of, but also for his whole weekend. Hahah. What's wrong with me. I keep telling myself "this year you're gonna calm down Laura" But, I obviously didn't listen. I actually did the complete opposite! hah I couldn't just do 1 celebration and call it good. Nope. He gets 3! I have realized, I have a party/theme problem. I also go blind with ideas and have a need to see them through because I think they're so amazing and need to be seen! hahah.
So Cody jumped at The Bouncy Place with his friends and had fun, but as I suspected. He has been like this every single time! He asked and asked to go jump non-stop, then we walk in and he says "I want to go back out". Grrr. So fustrating. He gets scared I suppose but, I know he warms up after awhile so I told buddy to take him in by force even if he's screaming. He did. Cody was screaming for awhile, but then after a few times he started to losen up. Then by the end LIKE USUAL, he was asking not to leave! I will never understand why he wastes the first 10 minutes crying. After the bouncing, we decided to keep the kids playing so we found a Burger King with a play place. Which for me was a big deal. The last time Cody got in one he was like 2 and 4 months. He got lost in it and I had to go in after him. Not fun, but I thought it was time to try again and I was right. He was soo ready. I think all the playing in the smaller one at church helped. It was such a new experience to sit with the rest of the moms and just watch Cody play with his friends all by himself. *Sigh* What a big boy. It was really cute, he was showing everyone else where the slide was, so they wouldn't get lost. hehe.
After all of that we had to go run a few errands then went to my parents house for some paper mache. We also got some stuff ready for Cody's b-day. Today will be a whole prep day for the party at my parents house. I'm sure a whole day will definately get it all done!! I'm excited!!! I hope Cody can remember this. If not, I will be recording it. hahah I don't care about the credit, I just want him to see that we love him and want to make him feel extra special! While he is the only one and we can. Although I hope to continue it as long as possible if we have another kid, it just won't be the same. But, then I get 2 birthdays a year to plan!!! WOO!! hhaah. If buddy heard that he would yell at me right now. hahah.
Well. I better get ready to go and get my parents some coffee as I wake them up early to use their house. Buddy is also getting my rear brakes on my car done today!! Yay! Good things, and all good things are from above :)
This is a good, Beginning and End! hhaah

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