Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow, Wow, Wow!!

Yes, 3 wow's are totally relevant here! I have a 3 year old and he had the most amazing 3 party weekend I could have ever imagined!!
This was a huge feat for me, because I not only had to plan out his birthday weekend, but I also had a huge kick off for new curriculum and new decor at church for 2's and under. This ment decorating 5 rooms, sewing for 3 weeks and tons of other things smashed in between!

I've come to accept that I'm living a new life style. I'm choosing to not let things feel overwhelming because they're challenging. I'm choosing to see the challenges as blessings. Seeing them as what God thinks I'm capable of and feeling privilege to take them on. I no longer want to sit and waste minutes, hours, days on anything useless. Allowing God to take over my life isn't just sitting on the couch and expecting him to lift me off when he needs me. It's putting myself anywhere I can be used, which means searching for that opportunity! The other thing that he has put in my heart is to bring my talents to his house, which I have found sooo much joy in. Anything I can do, I will. Having this attitude and drive has blessed me with positivity threw everything else in my life. Especially with things that used to bring me down. I no longer dwell on thoughts that aren't from God....and a simple rule of thumb, if it's not good, positive or uplifting, it's not from God, so throw it out! But, I'm not perfect, it still happens once and awhile, but I can fight better now. I'm equipped with stronger armor. Armor that must be put on everyday.

On to the challenges that were placed in front of me. Sewing and time management, which apparently don't go together for me! haha learning to set aside time was very hard but, I learned that I have and can have more free time to do things like that, then I thought! It's hard to cut out things that I thought were relaxing though. Like TV, sitting, wasting time! haha but, the more I did, the easier it got. After over coming the desire of wanting to just stop doing anything productive and sit, I pushed through and pushing through felt amazing, and empowering. I did it. I felt accomplished and proud. I like that feeling, it doesn't happen often for the simple fact that I'm a project starter, not a project finisher. But, I think I'm getting real good at this whole project finishing stuff!!

The second challenge was Cody's parties. The first 2 were easy, just had to pick a place and tell people when to be there. The 3rd party was the hard one. I pick a theme, usually one that you can't just go to a party supply store and find. Why, I don't know. I guess I feel like it's too easy. Also, after Cody's first 2 parties he's had in his life, people just kinda expect something out of the box from me. Buddy was just saying the other day "The day we pick things from the store and just throw it on, people will be very confused and disappointed!". Which is true, but don't get me wrong all that really matters is that Cody has fun. I just really like using my talents to make things special for him and to give him that wow factor, not to mention save money on what could be ridiculous if I chose to just buy things I could make. All in all it's an expression of our love for Cody and if that's over done, well he's over loved. And he is. But, picking a theme like dinosaur carnival was pretty funny! I mixed alot of different things to try and have an outcome that was understandable. I think I did that...but there was definitely room for improvement. I doubt I could post all the pics here. But I can make the next post all pics. haha.

Mini challenges in between, church. I still had to be at every service to over see class and continue helping people adjust to the changes. Commitment is hard, but it's never been an issue for me, I'm very faithful and committed to anyone or anything. Which is sometimes a bad thing. I'm learning that more and more. But, God is giving me wisdom and discernment to understand when and to whom to be faithful to.

Through it all I'm so grateful for our family and friends who love us and support us through everything, even if it's not how they would do things. I'm thankful for the financial side of things that God blesses us to have the desires of our hearts, even though I know without any of this I would be just as thankful for the family and friends I get to share my time with and the son I'm blessed to have. He alone is a blessing in more ways I can even describe! So for everything else that's added on to that, I'm glad we get to share those blessings and bless others!!

Now...to clean the mess...that is now my house because of this month long endeavor! Oh my.

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