Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 4: Letter D for Dino-mite!

"Why do you blog?"
"Blessing in disguise" That's what I would call this whole blogging process. It's hard work to carry my huge camera around all day remembering to capture moments and certain shots that look informative, then to find time to sit and write about it, while trying to make it sound exciting! Haha. Really I just try to spell correctly and that's about it. Sorry, that's just the truth! I'm not a writer, I'm not really a "Blogger" I just want to share ideas and capture memories. Which is the blessing! I looked at all the photos again as I load them into this blog and I remember those moments, those moments that could easily be forgotten because they were only 15-20 minutes of a day. Because if we think about it, alot of our days are remembered as the big events that took place, or in our case, the big meltdown or argument that took place. Of course, we don't want to remember everyday that way and don't mean to, but as a mom who is with her littles from morning, till night, life can become a blur really fast. I don't want to rush past these moments and blogging has really made it possible for me to look back in detail and see the work that I tend to forget I'm doing. God's work. He has blessed me with these amazing kiddos and trusted that I would tell them all about him and make things fun along the way. I blog so I don't forget that. 

D is for Dinosaurs
 She loves this activity each week! So grateful for these print outs from Over the Big Moon, I just add the animal of the week stickers and she's a happy girl!
 Contact paper, blue tape and construction paper shapes! This was a short activity but they enjoyed finding out what toys would stick and what was too heavy! That lasted longer than the original activity!
 She loves her writing practice and has started to write letter shapes EVERYWHERE...tables, notebooks, walls, books. These print outs are apart of the "Letter of the Week" Curriculum.
 Nuts and Bolts match! This was a super cheap and fun activity, she sat patiently putting each one on till the bolt was to the top! A good fine motor skill!
 GeoBoard, so far she just makes lines. But soon I will make her some picture cards to make different shapes. I'm just letting her get used to using it. She tends to get frustrated if something looks intimidating to start off with and will just not try. She'll say "That's too hard, I'm still little" which I find hilarious because she really only uses that excuse when she doesn't want to do help clean up toys! Haha
 Alphabet Match: Alphabet Magnets and an Alphabet Poster (Dollar Tree). Super easy and affordable activity. You can extend the activity by making the animal sounds or actions as you match each one!
 Shape Twister: Blue Tape, Picture Cubes, Shape Print Outs. I realize I probably should have made the shapes on the floor closer to each other because my youngest couldn't reach across as far as my oldest. I made pictures for the cubes. You can DOWNLOAD HERE, you can laminate if you feel they need it, but my kids are pretty good about not smashing the cubes so the regular paper will last awhile before getting wrinkled. Photo Cubes can be found through the link! I love these because we use them on so many different activities!
 Dino Bones! White crayon and watercolors, I love how this turned out! I drew the dinosaur and she didn't know! So when I told her to paint and it started coming through, she was so excited!
 Beans on the Line: This ended right after this picture. She was not into this activity at all. I'm going to try it again next week and make a fun shape or more simple shape and we'll see how it goes.
 Leaf Collecting: This activity came after a long morning of sibling fighting and arguing, but they literally could not stop talking about this fun little trip around the neighborhood looking for as many different colored leaves as possible. This made me realize we should definitely start doing some scavenger hunts outside!
 Leaf Rubbing: Always a fun and free activity! They loved it. I plan to do this again and have Cody identify the leaves from the different trees. Hopefully we get to it next week.
I was surprised at how fun this made counting. We did our skip counting on it and Cody went through his times tables on it. A great new way to do review.
These were not a huge hit the first few times we pulled them out, but as she's getting the hang of it, she's beginning to really enjoy these!

I'm starting to realize that I have a ton of pictures of Eisley and her activities, but not Cody. I really have to get pictures of the awesome stuff he's been doing and making, especially at Co-op. Other times I don't really take pictures of him doing book work because well....that's boring haha. 

Now I will leave you with this!
Ryan, You know me so well!! Hahah

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