Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Don't worry I'm on top of it!

I really can't believe it's here already! 2011, it feels like almost yesterday I was just wavering in my own little world, not having any goals in mind and nothing to really motivate me to have goals. But, who knew that I would then marry and have a child, then become a homeschooling mom and take on curriculum writing not only in my home but for church as well. This small journey from adolescents to here has really taught me to look beyond my small dreams and dream big. God has so many things in store for us when we choose to put him first. He will take us to places we never would have thought to journey too. I have such a sense of self worth and achievement and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. So 2011, all I want to bring it. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I can take anything on!

 So soccer is done for the winter, we hope to start it up again in the spring.
 He was so beyond excited for his certificate and metal.
 I know he can't wait till next season starts!

 Spending time with family over the holidays was so wonderful. Although our place isn't the biggest, we did manage to host multiple holiday parties.
 We had a blast playing games and laughing.
 Joined in a Hanukkah celebration for my mother in law. Tallou and I made dinner which was Divine! We had sweet potato latkes, apple fritters, apricot glazed chicken and salad. It was so tasty.

 Cody had alot of fun learning the dreidal game.
 School had winter break and took awhile to start up again due to the hectic schedule I had with church curriculum, but we slowly but surely got back into the swing of things.
 School is getting alot more organized with every step forward that we take and Cody is doing a really good job at staying focused and taking his time.
We've added so much to our school room and it just keeps growing, I have a feeling it may leak into the other rooms of our house! haha.
Over all, I enjoy what I do, I never would have guessed that this would have been my life, but wow, what a joy that God has placed this in my heart and has blessed me with such opportunities. I can only imagine where things go from here :)

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