Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letter G and Letter H

Back to school. We've decided to do school all through the summer since Cody doesn't really understand the break thing and he asks for school through the weekends. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep it up all summer long with short breaks here and there when we need them.
So we did start the summer off with a 3 week break! I had alot to do at church and had a new nephew born. So I was very busy. Although I still managed to stick small bits of "G" in there where I could.
Cody and I talked about GERMS! I got a super cool idea from Mama Jenn about using glitter to represent Germs and explaining how we have to wash our hands good and long to get it all off. Cody really understood the whole concept!
Then we used the alphabet letters that I printed up from Confessions of A Homeschooler, to make a hide and go seek game. Cody has been into hide and go seek alot lately, so I thought this would be super fun for him and of course, it was! I hid them in places he could see, nothing too hard yet. I figured once he gets used to the game we can make it harder. After he found them he put them in order with only a tiny bit of help from me. Amazing!
Doesn't this look beautiful! It's awesome to watch in real life. This was our experiment for "G" week, although it had nothing to do with "G". I just really wanted to do it. I remember doing this in 6th grade when we were learning about molecules. When Cody and I did it, we talked about chemical reaction. All you need is milk (Whole milk is best), food coloring, q-tips and dish soap.
This is how the experiment began, a deeper dish works better, I used a thick paper plate and it was very not sturdy. haha. But you put the dots of each color in the middle with some space between them all. Then the fun part. Have you child put in a clean q-tip right in the middle. Talk about what you think will happen, then about what did happen (Nothing). Then dip a q-tip in the dish soap. Now dip the soap q-tip right in the middle of the colors. Now watch the magic as the colors swirl on their own. You don't have to move the q-tip either. Just hold it completely still. We had lots of fun with this one :)
This was another idea I picked up from Confessions of a Homeschooler. You fill a Ziplock bag with temper paint. I used a Ziplock freezer bag, they seal really well. Put in enough paint to coat the bag...I think it was like a cup to fill this freezer bag. Cody loved this soo much and actually did alot better writing out his letters. It's still a little hard for him to hold the pencil good and steady so letters like capitol "G" were hard for him. He wrote it perfectly on the paint bag though!
Cody is feeling a little under the weather so I took this time to blog what we have so far for letter H. We would have been completely back on track this week though. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow and maybe we can do some more activities, but we'll see. Like I said this is what we have done.
Cody really likes to do his categorizing of the Capitols and Lowercase letters, or as he likes to say the "Mommies and the babies". We got this Gumball one from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
As Cody was practicing his H's he didn't even miss a beat. He didn't need me to show him how to do the capitol H and I only had to show him how to make the lowercase H once! I guess he thought they were soo easy he decided to move on to spelling!!
He asked me "How do you spell Papa?" I told him P-A-P-A. This was the result.
Then he said "This is how I spell me" haha I added the Y, but he had the C-O-D!! I was amazed.
He also asked me how to spell "Cold".
Then "Hot". I can't believe how much he loves to write and spell. Anytime we're in the car or just out, he'll point at things and say "How do you spell that?" I love it soo much!
One of our craft projects was handprint spiders. He doesn't really like spiders, but he thought these were really fun. He said the ones with the big eyes were laughing :)
We tried to use the hole puncher but, that was alot harder than we thought. I had to help me out a little with it. We used the bits he hole punched as rain for our picture. He cut out clouds and grass :)
This was an awesome Goodwill find! Boggle jr. $2 He likes it, although he did get frustrated when he didn't take the time to look carefully at every block for the letter he was looking for, resulting in him not finding it. haha. I also like that it has another level of play, when they can spell things on their own there's a flap that comes down to cover the word, but not the picture so they can spell it by memory!
He worked through almost all of the Kumon cutting book so I went on a mission to find another one and did at my local school supply store. This one was had even more pages than the Kumon book.
This was a huge hit!! It's a some free printouts I got from and it was meant for a file folder, but I had the idea to laminate it and put the labels on jars instead! It's very durable and will be great to use time and time again! I'm currently trying to make other games that involve using jars since Cody liked this one soo much!
I was actually pretty impressed when he knew what the things were and weather they were hot or cold. I actually didn't help him with the hot or cold part, just the reading of the cards.
This science filefolder game, I decided to just laminate so we could reuse it. I thought it was a little hard for a 3 year old, but I was totally wrong, when we started talking about what makes something alive and not alive, the one this I kept coming back to was weather it could eat or not. Once I said that, Cody sorted through all the pictures super fast. He just kept saying things like "Scissors don't eat, so they're not alive". I was soo amazed at how easy that concept was to explain!
I got really lucky one weekend and found these counting bears with cards at a yard sale for $1!! Considering the cards cost $16 for a pack and the bears are $30 for a small tub, I was definitely not gonna pass that up!
I made these really simple CVC word cards, that I used on a cookie sheet with our Melissa and Doug Uppercase letters. Cody really liked this activity and it is also great for travel! It's a fun lap game since the magnets won't fall off! You can download the CVC word sheets here. I just cut them in strips and laminated them.
These cute little color puzzles were from 1+1+1=1 Blog. I printed, cut, laminated, then added the little velcro spots.
Helmet Color Match Game, I thought this would be a little bit more of a challenge for Cody since he's got his basic colors down. It was actually not as much of a challenge as I thought! He got through it faster than I expected, but he did have trouble the second time through, but I think it was because he was trying to go even faster. haha. You can download with activity here.
This is our little calendar center that we are trying to work into our daily schedule. It seems to only last a few minutes. So I'm curious if that's enough time to spend there or if there is something I'm missing to extend our time there. Either way. Cody loves to put the numbers up and look outside to see what the weather is like.
Last, but not least. Another great yard sale find. A pack of 9, 9 piece puzzles made by Discovery Toys for only $1!! These actually get played with almost everyday. School will be done and I'll be making dinner or doing dishing and I'll see these come out. Cody loves puzzles.
So this has been our week thus far. I hope to have more up on Saturday, but we'll see how the little guy feels. I plan to start doing Monday blogs as well. About my cooking/freezing adventures. So stay tuned for that. haha Oh and below is a cool way to show you all the books we read this week :) I may actually start reviewing them as well. Although there's nothing bad I can say about any of these :) Cody really like them all. My favorite was "Little Hoot" SOOO CUTE!!!

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