Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter D

This week we were learning the letter D. We've been experimenting with different activities to see what works best for Cody. It's super hard to keep a 3 year old's attention I've realized, but some of things have worked soooo well it's amazing. I've also made a few of my own along the way.

Letter RecognitionI didn't get a picture of him putting it together but, we do this one often and this is actually how he learned his alphabet song, we sing the alphabet to find out which one comes next. By the way I found my puzzle at Ross for $7!! We bought him a medium sized white board where he can practice writing. It saves paper and is soo much fun. He loves writing his letters. As you can see the letter D or little d was turning into a P at one point. This is where I need advice from moms who have been here and done that. Is it really important to follow the directions of how to write the letter like they tell you in the book? Reason being Cody found it easier to write a little d starting at the top and not making the curve first like the book said. Just curious.
Vocabulary D Words
I printed out pictures of his vocab words along with the words in all caps. Laminated them then put them on a ring. This made a great travel game as well. I bring this in my purse along with a Dry erase marker and he loves tracing his words while we sit in the Dentist/Doctors office or while waiting to order food! We also do some online games for letters since it seems to help him a little better than I do. But can become a problem when he doesn't want to get off, so we don't do that often. But he loves all the different games here at Sheppard Software

Number Recognition
inosaur Spots Counting Game
This made for an awesome counting game, not to mention it traveled well for us. I threw these together really quick because he wanted something different to count with. They came 10 in a pack from the Dollar Tree, and all I did was made spots from 1 to 10 on them. He counted the spots and put them in order. I'm going to get some more and actually paint them, since he liked them so much. Oh and travel wise I put them in my purse and he can play with them anywhere! Dinosaur Clip Counting Game
This was a very successful game as well. I got the Dinos from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Along with the Dino Counting and we did her Dino Pattern and Dino line tracing!

More Dinosaur Counting!Dino Pattern
We try no to do a lot of book work, but he actually loves book work! So these number practice and letter practice ones are awesome. Also a Dollar Tree find! We also use Wipe-Off counting, printing, and numbers books through out our week. I usually reserve that time for Papa and Tita's house, so it's not too much work for them and he has some learning activities while he's at their house. Motor SkillsHe is loving his cutting time! We do pages out of his Kumon - My first book of cutting. But I usually find other cutting things from the internet for him to cut too other wise he would cut through the whole book in one day!Melissa and Doug 24 piece Dinosaur Puzzle
This activity seems to be growing old, so I think I need to make it more challenging, but he totally loves it. It's just a pringles can that I hole punched the lid of. Then placed those hole stickers on. I cut my pipe cleaners in half so they were go all the way in. I got the idea from 1+1+1=1 Tot School.
We love her "Tot Trays"
That is where we got the idea for the tray/bin learning center. I love it and Cody loves being able to do "School time" at his own pace, when he decides to take out the activities. Not to mention organization is key to having things available when you need them! As you see below, we do 3 trays on top then, 3 bins on bottom. It helps with a variety for the eyes, as well as keeping some activities better contained.
ReadingWe read tons of Dinosaur and Dragon books. I also bought him the David and Goliath book with read along cd, which was an instant hit and we read in the car multiple times!!
We Danced a lot. He really likes Doing "Exercising" which is yoga on Demand. But I thought we would change it up and do a little freestyle Dancing this week!

Finally Friday/Saturday Fun DayI got this idea of having a fun day from Home Grown Hearts.
Who ends her weeks this way. What a fun little idea!
We picked out some fun things to eat and watch. He picked out special Drinks and Double fudge chocolate ice cream, which he only got because of how cute he was to point out the "D" in it. We also watched Dave and the Giant Pickle since we were learning about David and Goliath. We also watched another Veggie Tale movie Duke and the Great Pie War. We thought about watching Darkwing Duck but, he didn't seemed amused by it. haha


SimplyLissie said...

Hey Mama! I think it's fabulous you're opting to homeschool Cody!
I don't think it matters how he does his letters, so long as they look like they should in the end--UNLESS you decide to enroll him in public Kindergarten/1st/2nd grade, they may insist on him writing a certain way there. It depends on the school and teacher.

Great curriculum, and awesome job at staying organized! I was homeschooled for four years, and we had our curriculum everywhere >.<

It was nice to see you at Learning Sprout, I hope we bump into to each other again soon :)


Laurabudcody said...

Thanks Lissie!! I can't believe how much we have done in the short weeks of starting. I have so many more ideas each new week. I think it's definately just as fun for me as it is for him!!