Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Truths

Some Truths for Today
+ I hate drinking my "Greens" drink, it tastes like dead sea monkeys.
+ I can't believe it's on Tuesday, I had so many projects yesterday that I thought I skipped days.
+ I'm excited to go into church today for many reasons.
+ The dishes need to be done, but I keep pretending like it's not my job. (They're starring at me)
+ My living room sounds like a jungle, but I guess I drown it out.
+ Still drinking down my dead sea monkey drink
+ Blah! Half gone!
+ I feel very accomplished today and it's only 8am!
+ I guess I really can cook.
+ The glaze I made for my marinate, made the house smell AMAZING!
+ Blogging is addicting
+ I need to get caught up with my book of James reading!
+ I can't understand why it takes my 3 year old almost 2 hours to eat his breakfast!
+ I want more free time
+ I wanna scrapbook in my free time
+ I don't like making time for working out
+ But, I LOVE working out when I make time
+ I'm glad I can text my husband any hour of the day and get a response!
+ I love that my son has a super creative imagination
+ I'm glad I get an amazing opportunity to plant seeds in the heart of children for God's purpose!

Woot, now of to get our nursery area at church ready for our confrence coming up this week.

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