Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cody Quotes

So I just had the best car ride with Cody. We literally rhymed the whole way to church and the whole way home. I had no idea how good he was at it. So yeah, it kinda went like this...
Cody: Mom, what rhymes with Cat and Hat?
Me: Bat!
Cody: Ok, you tell me one now.
Me: What rhymes with Red?
Cody: Ted! this is when it got interesting...
Me: What rhymes with Hit?
Cody: Tit
Me: What rhymes with store?
Cody: Door and whore
There was a few of these hilarious accidents that happened, we didn't really make a big deal about them since we knew he was just stringing words together, but boy was it entertaining! haha

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