Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday feels like Monday for now.

Lately Fridays are more like Mondays for me, because usually the weekends mean work. I am busy with church services all weekend. Which is fine with me. Really where else would I spend my time. The only problem is it's not only me, it's buddy, it's Cody. I feel a little bad that sometimes my obligations leak over into their plans as well, but it's teaching my son good lessons in being active in the church I suppose. Because I remember a point in time when he was really young and didn't even want to come to church much less be there more than once a week. Now, he loves it and would be upset if we missed church, he's taken it as another safe place.

Either way, it's not always going to be like this. Soon I will only have to check in to see how they're doing and make sure it goes smoothly, but not actually have to step in and run a class. I hope I was a good example of being passionate about children's ministry. That's my one goal to inspire other to see the importance of it and understand it's much more then daycare, it's being what could be the first teacher to these children, possibly the first person to take the time and talk to them or even help them learn about something. That to me is hugely important, it's at this age that children decide to really feel good about church or not. I hope that with all the new changes we doing, will make an environment that is happy, safe, fun and new. I hope it inspires not only the kids but the adults and parents to step out of their daily lives and enter a child's world. Have faith like a child again. We'll get there, I know we will. But it will take long weekends and long weekdays, but for now, it's the sacrifice I'm being ask to make.

Other news. Buddy stayed home sick today :( His tummy is not feeling too well. I'm a little sad when he's home because he's actually sick. No fun. But, that doesn't mean I will just sit around. I have alot of things to do today and sitting is not one of them! haha.

Oh...I hear Cody waking up. It's probably because of all the noise buddy was making.

Speaking of Cody. I love that he is starting to understand family relationships. It's sooo cute. Not to mention you don't really think about that stuff, because it's all just normal to you. I keep forgetting it's all new to him. So we have been having talks about who my parents are and who buddy's parents are. Because Cody would hear me say "Are we going to my parent's house?" And he would repeat it. Then he would continue and say "Papa and Tita are my parents?" So we had to explain that's the word I use to call them Mom and Dad. So he's been calling Buddy and I, Mom and Dad. Which is weird to hear since I'm so used to referring to myself as mommy or calling buddy, daddy. But, this is new to him so he's trying it out. He also understand that Buddy doesn't always call him Cody. He was pointing that out the other day as well. Buddy was trying to explain nick name and said "Sometimes we call you Code, or Codster, those are nick names." Then Cody added, "and you call me Son!" hahah I thought that was adorable. It's fun to see how excited he is about learning new things.

Also happening today perhaps. Looking at houses, we're trying to rent a house because we just need more space and for summer I would love to have a huge backyard for Cody to enjoy. So I might be doing that today. I'm really excited about it, although thinking of it make me freak out. Because I hate moving...but, who likes it. It's annoying but, boy would I love to have more space. A craft space is all I keep thinking of!! How fun would that be. Apartment life is getting too cramped. So off I go!

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